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Bringing Back COMMON SENSE to San Francisco Politics

Bringing COMMON SENSE back to San Francisco Politics

As a person who was born and raised in San Francisco, and who has ancestry in the city going back for 5 generations, I take very seriously and personally my commitment to make this city better. Let me prove to you that the city that knows how, still knows how. Together we can solve the problems that our city is facing today.

As supervisor, I will have zero tolerance for crime and open air drug markets. I will advocate for a fully staffed and highly trained police force, sheriff's department, and fire department. I will seek complete transparency and audit all non-profits contracting with the city to expose waste, abuse, and fraud. I'm bringing my years of experience as a Marine Corps officer, a firefighter, county commissioner, and community leader to represent you.

If you care about the future of our city and want to take our government in a different direction, please support my campaign!

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