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Bringing Back COMMON SENSE to San Francisco Politics

Bringing COMMON SENSE back to San Francisco Politics

I am a fifth generation San Franciscan who grew up in Sunnyside. I've seen what our city has become and I know that we can do better. I am done with status quo politics. We need a voice for common sense in San Francisco, and I am that voice. 

When elected supervisor, I will have zero tolerance for crime, drug markets, needles, feces, and litter in our neighborhoods, and that is non-negotiable. I will invest in hiring and training more police and firefighters. I will audit all non-profits contracting with the city to expose waste, abuse, and corruption. I'm bringing my years of experience as a Marine Corps officer, a firefighter, and community leader to represent you.

If you care about the future of our city and want to take our government in a different direction, please support my campaign.

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